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Hi! We have had AKC mini dachshunds for pets for all our lives, but have been breeding
for the past fourteen (2005) years. We are located in the Panhandle of North Florida near
the Capital Tallahassee. We raise our pups as if they are going to be our pups forever.
We pre-spoil them for no extra charge! Our AKC purebred registered pups are well
socialized and are well on their way to being house trained. We begin training them at 3
weeks! There is nothing sweeter than having a dachshund(s) ready to love you and
snuggle with you when you are home!  The puppies are raised in our home and only go
out to potty and play. We provide our puppies with a smoke free environment. Second
hand smoke is bad for us so we know it is bad for our precious babies!

We do not profess to offer the cheapest Dachshund puppies, If you are looking for a
inexpensive puppy, please go to your local shelter, or check your local classifieds.
There are so many wonderful pets available. If you want a Dachshund bred for
temperament, with breeders that are  true to the breed, raised in a loving home and
never in a kennel, by people who truly care about and love their dogs and are committed
to the improvement the dachshund breed, please contact us.  Doing things the correct
way, is very expensive. There are many hidden costs we absorb such as sales tax and
fees from Pay-Pal. We also feed all our guys from birth to senior Purina Pro Plan
according to their age. This makes for a very healthy puppy and adults. Many other costs
have doubled or tripled in the last couple of years for essential supplies like food,
pee-pads  and shots, putting many breeders out of business. We hope you will consider
us and see for yourself the difference!

Please check our puppy page for available puppies. Also, our expecting page for
upcoming litters. I keep a waiting list. If you would like to be on it let me know. I will email
puppy pictures when they are born and give weekly updates on the available puppies. At
anytime you want me to take your name off just email me and I will delete it.  Please note
that my email list is large and I do not break it down to color, coat or individual litters.  

When you decide on a puppy we require a
$200 non-refundable deposit/Holding Fee to
hold your puppy till 8 weeks.
We now take Pay pal for you convenience, you can pay your
non-refundable deposit. Please confirm puppy is still available before deposit is made.

When asked to keep your puppy past 8 weeks there is a $40 a week
charge for their food, pee-pads and care.

We offer delivery for 50 cents a mile (miles driven: example if you live 150 miles away the
charge will be $150) round trip in South Georgia and Florida. We will calculate from
either Map-Quest or the official FDOT map mileage chart. This
must be paid in full before
we deliver.  Payment is required before delivery is made, unless previously made
payment arrangements.

We now sell Shampoochie it is free of detergents and will not wash Frontline and
Advantage away. It helps repel TICKS & FLEAS! Leaves you dog soft and beautiful. It is
handmade in North Georgia near Helen.

We offer "Camp McCoy"
to the puppies from us, at a cheaper rate than any kennel in the
area and they are again in my home, not locked in a crate while you are away having fun.
We do require a Pet sitting contract to be signed and a copy with us before you leave.
Please as my males are not neutered please check your females and make sure they are
NOT in heat, before you leave.  Give all medication before you drop them off, if
medication is to be given while the are here please discuss before you drop them off.  
When Medications are required please add $2.50 to each day they are here for each dog
that receives medications.  If your dogs(s) are here any part of a day the daily fee is
charged.  We will take the dogs/puppies as late as 7:00 pm, after that it will have to be
next day.
Daily Fees:
1 dachshund     $15.00
2 Dachshunds   $20.00
3 dachshunds   $25.00
4 Dachshunds    $30.00
Debbie & Thomas McCoy
Monticello, Florida 32344
phone - 850-933-9840
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We answer our email's all through the
please either call  (850)933-9840 or
email us at

Dachshund Breeder

Inspected by AKC on June 1, 2018 and McCoy's
Precious Doxies is 100 % in compliance!
This is all my big Guys & Gals.
Pictures taken by
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Short on legs...........Loooong on Love!
Please email before
deposits are made
to make sure puppy
is available.
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