May 3, 2013 - September
4, 2015
January 5, 2006 - September
15, 2015
This page is dedicated to the sweet
doxies that were taken from us way
too soon.  They will forever be in our
hearts! Till we meet again sweet
Sunny was one of my very first moms. She
was a part of my entire family. We got her
from a sweet lady named Sonja Burroughs
in Cochran Georgia.  When I brought her
home, my husband said I had too many
(3). LOL!! Now 15!! We laugh about this!!
So my daughter (Lora) kept her until her
dad let me bring her home. She blessed us
with many precious puppies.  Sunny had
the most expressive big brown eyes, sure
to melt any heart.  Sunny was our peace
maker!.   Sunny has lived her last years
with Lora and her family. . Sunny always
remembered Tommy and I when we visited
and stuck to us like glue and cried when
we left.  RIP sweet girl!
Dolly was taken from us way too
early.  She blessed us with only two
litters of precious babies.  We got
Dolly fron the Griffin Family in
Tennessee!   They did such an
awesome job socializing our sweet
Dolly.  Dolly became the hostess of
our home.   If anyone came to visit
she took it upon her self to sit with
them and make them always feel
welcomed.   If any of the other Doxies
took toys outside Dolly was sure to
help clean up and bring the forgotten
ones back in!  Dolly was the sweetest
doxies I have ever had.  RIP Sweet