BRINDLE- The brindle pattern in Dachshunds appears like a series of stripes(like a
Zebra) along the base color. One parent must be a brindle in order to have the
pattern appear.

DAPPLE- Dapple Dachshunds show patches or spots of lighter color mixed in with
patches of the self color. They sometimes have white on the chest. If the dapple
pattern appears across the face, one or both eyes may have blue specks or be
entirely blue. In order for dappling to occur in a puppy, one of the parents must
show the dapple gene.

DOUBLE DAPPLE- Double Dapples usually have larger areas of white on their bodies
in addition to their base color and patches/spots. Eyes may be completely blue and
they may have white on their heads, white nail tips, white on their feet, on their
undersides and their sides. Breeding double dapples can be dangerous as
deafness, reduced eye size and blindness can occur. Double dapples are produced
when two single dapple parents are bred together.


PIEBALD- Piebald dachshunds show a white spotting pattern over the base color.
Piebalds should never have blue eyes. If they do, then they should be registered as
dapples. They should also have no shading within the white areas or body spots.
The amount of white varies, ranging from a white collar, white chest, underside, tail
and feet to almost pure white.

WILDBOAR- Wildboar dachshunds have a light brown base coat and a black
overlay. The wildboar color is noted by its light color base showing through the
nose area, around the eyes, and also the underside of the belly. Wildboar is most
common in wirehaired dachshunds, but can appear in smooths as well.

SABLE- True sable dachshunds are very difficult to describe. Sable is seen in
longhaired dogs only. The red is so dark as to appear black. The whole body
except for the face and feet are seen with the base color of the dog with black tips
at the ends. The face and feet are usually the base color. Therefoe, a Red Sable
will have red at the base of the hair with black tips- the face and feet will be red.
One parent must show the sable pattern to produce a sable puppy.

Miniature Dachshund Patterns
Please note that AKC will not register more than one pattern per Dachshund.
(exception is a Brindle Piebald.)

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